Coutufit Exclusive Snapchat Membership

$10.00 / month

Finally a coach you can meet face to face! We have added this feature to allow you to ask any fitness question you want! Sign up to get exclusive access to us via SnapChat.

What’s Included

Get 1 on 1 up close and personal with Brittany Coutu and the Coutufit team. Speak directly with Britt to discuss your fitness goals, plans, and much more!! There is no more direct route to answer all your questions than right here!

  • Unlimited Snapchat Membership
  • Exclusive content only available on Snapchat
  • Daily Coutufit Workouts and Exercises
  • Recipe ideas
  • Meal prep help
  • Fitness tips and tricks
  • Life hacks
  • Private 1 on 1 conversations with Brittany Coutu herself!!