Booty By Brit – Phase 1



The activation phase is a periodized microcycle that preps the body for the weeks to come. It incorporated a volume heavy strategy that allows the brain to establish proper mind-muscle connection. Make sure you are selecting a weight that you can control for each rep but forces you to hit failure on the very last movement. A very important note to be aware of is your own fitness ability. If you have to decrease sets or reps because you are new or your fitness levels aren’t quite there yet it’s ok!!! We are all different and the important part is the intensity level. You’ll see a number for RPE for each exercise and what this means is ‘rate of perceived exertion’. Match your effort to whatever you feel meets that number. We will all have different effort levels in this manner. Someone who has been lifting seriously for years will find their RPE as something very different as a beginner despite both giving the same number. It is up to you to decide how hard you want to work!

You’ve always dreamed of it – that hard as rock, neck breaking behind that people don’t shut up about – but you have tried over and over without success to get it.  Good thing you found us because this program implements strategies that most fitness experts tend to ignore when they promise you godly glutes.

This program is no joke.  We take your basic principles of muscle growth and apply them in a functional-specific manner to not only give you the best looking legs possible but legs that can perform just as well as they look.