Booty By Brit – Phase 2



This is where things really start to pick up! The hypertrophy phase is designed in what is called a ‘DUP’ fashion (daily undulating periodization) which has been show to be the most effective method for increasing muscle mass. It’s where we combine a specific lower rep/higher rep strategy day to day and week to week to create an environment that will force your body to increase muscle fiber size. This method increases muscle protein synthesis, the driving force behind growth, for up to 36 hours post workout!! You've heard of certain types of cardio burning calories for days after you finish? This is the weight lifting equivalent.

You’ve always dreamed of it – that hard as rock, neck breaking behind that people don’t shut up about – but you have tried over and over without success to get it.  Good thing you found us because this program implements strategies that most fitness experts tend to ignore when they promise you godly glutes.

This program is no joke.  We take your basic principles of muscle growth and apply them in a functional-specific manner to not only give you the best looking legs possible but legs that can perform just as well as they look.