Booty By Brit – Phase 3



This last phase is the meat and potatoes of it all. There is no point of having muscle if it doesn’t work properly. It is easily going to be the most taxing phase you have experienced yet but the gains are astronomical. It is at the end of the program because the loads used will be much larger than the previous weeks and to ensure your body can handle it without risk of injury the previous weeks have
been designed as such.

Tempo is going to be key here. The sets are high, the reps are low, and the movement must be SLOW! Earlier we said intensity was what matters at the end of the day but to create that intensity you must slow down these movements. If you cannot control the weight in the tempo specified than you must lower the weight. We want to keep focus on the muscle being used and risk compensating if the
weight is too heavy.

You’ve always dreamed of it – that hard as rock, neck breaking behind that people don’t shut up about – but you have tried over and over without success to get it.  Good thing you found us because this program implements strategies that most fitness experts tend to ignore when they promise you godly glutes.

This program is no joke.  We take your basic principles of muscle growth and apply them in a functional-specific manner to not only give you the best looking legs possible but legs that can perform just as well as they look.